Cradle Mountain

Dove Lake Guided Nature Walk

Cradle Mountain

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From the moment we pick you up from your accommodation and start the drive towards Cradle Mountain. Time stands still as you are about to take in the some of the words best scenery your eyes will ever see!  We will start your day by taking you to Sheffield to wonder at the world famous Murals that are a big feature in this wonderful rural Historic town. After taking in the impressive works of art over a freshly brewed coffee , we pass through some of Tasmania’s most impressive farmland on our way up to the most popular iconic location in Tasmania - Cradle Mountain.


You will spend the remainder of the day to walk around exquisite Dove Lake and have a light lunch with award winning Tasmanian wine or just sit there and take in all the beauty our world heritage area has to offer.  Overnight at Cradle Mountain gives you a chance to hang out with a nosy wombat or even a noisy Tasmanian Devil.

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Forth Braddons Lookout

Once we leave Ulverstone we take you to top of the Forth Valley for our overview of the coastline and ocean on one side, and on the other capture views of our red volcanic soil farm land as well as views towards Cradle Mountain and the central highlands. This view is a must see for our region. Photography lovers this is that photo you will look at time and time again once your back home.


Penguin Town

Penguin is a delightful seaside town on the Tasmanian north coast with a finely honed sense of humour about its name. It has a quiet, serene charm which is a common feature of the coastal towns between Launceston and Stanley. Apart from the very beautiful Uniting Church on the beachfront, it is a celebration of the fairy penguins (sometimes called little penguins) which inhabit the beaches on either side of the town.


Town of Murals - Sheffield

Probably Tasmania's most unique and different town. Street artists from all around the world come visit this town. Its the start of the Cradle Mountain Valley region and as its based at the foothills of its own iconic Mountain Sheffield is a busy vibrant, cool and classy town and  is a must see for our region before you head back home.